Friday, 17 May 2013

O.I.M : Politics of fear

Elections is one method that implement by most for many years to select organizational leadership. Pouring by such years of experience, this method evolve to became the ultimate weapon for 'power hungry' individuals. From good, the badness has birth as people increasingly never satisfy with what they have. However, as the bad try to emerge, the good are also evolve with the rise of people's inspiration.
In bringing election into an action, the goods and bads will try to overcome each other. There until a time, the voters, which happened to be the people didn't know which one to choose. The spinning just like I play 'Gasing' during my childhood time. This for unpredictable effect, has built unsecure within the voters which rise the element of Politics of fear by not big but not small but deep inside the vote decision. This fear, blindly overcome the others concern that rise and happened around their circle of lifes. My personal opinion says, it a true crime for this to be happened as it encapsulates people mind with the layers of unknown anomaly or unsure existence. But to says much, actually that what has happened till nowdays after 56 years of independent, but still people's mind never been independent. 

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