Sunday, 21 April 2013

O.I.M : Opposition government

Treats and tricks, that how the Malaysian politics functioning. As DAP win in Penang , PKR in Selangor and PAS in Kedah they has been treat as the opposition government. Come across my mind, how could in the world there was an opposition government. Opposition are always being linked with bad thing. Are the opposition government is a bad government. Of course not, they also mere citizen as the previous government that only want to give and do better than previous. But they being called opposition government. I don't think it fair. But that the reality that happened in our beloved country. There also some thinking that been spreads around which try to tricks people mind. One of it is to list out what that both party have done. It normal to know about person contributions, but the problem is in what capacity the contributions is done? An MP capacity are not like Minister capacity. MP has limit source and no power to instruct while the Minister has supposed to the limited sources and they have the power to instruct. That's make the different. But people mind has been treats by this tricks. It up to peoples how they want to massage their thought and thinking.

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